Unique features available on iPhone 15 Ultra

The iPhone 15 series is likely to be launched in September this year with the most notable model being the iPhone 15 Ultra (or iPhone 15 Pro Max) thanks to many interesting features.

According to GizChina , recent reports say that the iPhone 15 Ultra could cost  up  to $2,904 and make it the most expensive iPhone ever. But to be worthy of this price, the iPhone 15 Ultra will have to come with many attractive specifications, including some exclusive features. Let’s take a look at the remarkable features that will come to this iPhone model.

Titanium frame

iPhone 15 Ultra will come with some significant design changes, with   the most prominent titanium frame . For the first time, a stronger, stronger, lighter and delicately textured premium titanium frame will be used in the iPhone 15 Ultra. The high-end Apple Watch Ultra also uses the same titanium alloy.

Periscope telephoto lens

The iPhone 15 Ultra is also the only iPhone model with a periscope telephoto lens – something that has been available on some Android phones before. The periscope telephoto lens has a class-leading focal length and image quality, which Apple executives also have to admit. With iPhone 15 Ultra, the product is expected to come with a periscope telephoto lens that supports up to 6x optical zoom. Even the iPhone 15 Pro does not have such a layout, which means it will be exclusive to the Ultra variant.

Solid State Buttons

Another big change that the iPhone 15 Ultra will bring is the use of a solid-state button. The company will remove the current physical node in favor of a solid-state node. These buttons will support haptic haptic feedback, like what the Home button on the iPhone 7 brings.

This feature promises to support more gesture activities bringing new surprises with iOS 17. Using virtual buttons is certainly just the first step towards Apple’s ultimate goal of exploring the possibilities. realize a future portless iPhone.

Chip A17 Bionic

Like the iPhone 14 series, Apple will continue to offer their latest high-end mobile chip, the A17 Bionic, on the high-end iPhone 15 models. This is a chip developed on TSMC’s 3nm process and will only be available for iPhone 15 Pro as well as iPhone 15 Ultra.

Initial reviews show the chip with a single-core score of 3,986, while a multi-core score of 8,841 in Geekbench. This is about 60% (single-core) and 43% (multi-core) higher when compared to the A16 Bionic. There is also a reduction in energy consumption – a sharp increase in performance.

New Samsung AMOLED screen

USB-C port

iPhone 15 series will be the first iPhone line to come with a USB-C port, something Apple is forced to apply after the European Union (EU) recently passed legislation. Apple doesn’t plan to use different ports for different regions, so  USB-C  is almost inevitable on iPhones this year and years after.

However, there is information that the standard iPhone 15 still only supports 30W fast charging and USB 2.0 transfer protocol. Meanwhile, only the iPhone 15 Ultra and Pro versions support higher-capacity fast charging and USB 3.1 high-speed transmission.

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