The most beautiful waterfall in the North Central Highlands, little known

Not as fierce as other waterfalls of the majestic Central Highlands mountains, K50 waterfall, or Hang En waterfall, is as soft as a silk strip with water pouring from above.

K50 waterfall is located in the upper part of the Con River, flowing from Gia Lai to Binh Dinh. The waterfall is also called Hang En because behind the water is a cave where many grass swallows live. The name K50 refers to the height of more than 50m of the waterfall.

K50 waterfall is located deep in Kon Chu Rang nature reserve, K’Bang district, northern Gia Lai province, about 150 km from Pleiku city center.

The waterfall flows across the forest from afar. At this time, after the night rains, in the morning at K50 waterfall, it is easy to see low white clouds covering the vast forest and the majestic K50 waterfall. Viewed from above, the scene is breathtaking

The best season to explore K50 waterfall is the dry season from March to June every year. At this time, it is sunny, no rain and the waterfall flows more smoothly.

This is also the season when the lake at the foot of the waterfall is shallower, revealing rocks of various shapes. Visitors can choose flat, non-slip places to camp.

Seen from a distance, K50 waterfall is like a silver silk strip squeezed from the other side of the mountain, falling gently in front of guests from afar and blending with the immense green scenery of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

In the early morning when the sun has just risen, there is often an impressive rainbow at the foot of the waterfall. To see this magical beauty, people need to camp overnight here. Note, in the rainy and stormy season, people are absolutely not allowed to sleep at the foot of the waterfall to avoid sudden, extremely dangerous floodwaters.

Located at an altitude of more than 50m and a width from 20m to 100m depending on the season, the water at K50 waterfall is divided into many layers and flows rapidly, falling down with white foam. Standing at the foot of the waterfall, listening to the sound of running water, the chirping of wild birds and enjoying the fresh, quiet atmosphere is pleasant.

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