Signs you are having a healthy body

Healthy skin

The skin is the largest organ of our body. Firm skin is a sign that you are in good health . You should avoid the sun, use sun protection measures and drink enough water to maintain skin health, according to the Star Insider news site .

Healthy hair

Thick and abundant hair is a sign that you have a healthy body. Thin, brittle hair or a lot of hair loss often signals a deficiency of vitamins and minerals or warns of a number of health conditions such as thyroid disease, certain types of cancer or excessive stress …

Healthy nails

Strong, fast-growing nails are a sign that your body is getting the nutrients it needs and that you are in normal health.

Good digestion

Having a bowel movement at least once a day naturally and comfortably is a sign that your bowels are working properly.

Likewise, if your urine is clear, easily excreted, it is also a sign that the urinary system is still healthy.

Consistent sleep

Sleep is a very important biological function of the body. In fact, it can also help  gauge overall health.

Fresh breath

Fresh breath is a sign of good oral health and your gut health is in balance. Conversely, bad breath is a warning sign that something is wrong in your body.

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