See Ha Long Bay from the top of Bai Tho Mountain

Information that the Ha Long city government has invested in the road to Bai Tho mountain makes locals and tourists “stand still”. The mountain located in the center of Ha Long City is likened to a “special telescope” because from the top, zooming in around, you will admire the scenery of the majestic natural heritage of Ha Long Bay, or the whole city. Beautiful Ha Long, a long stretch of sea…

Although the mountain is not high, the way to the top is not simple, because there are many steep slopes, sharp rocks, and abysses. Overcoming stone steps, steep slopes, when reaching the top of the mountain, it seems that all fatigue will disappear when appearing in front of visitors is a vast space of Ha Long Bay with clouds, sky, majestic mountains.

Currently, the City People’s Committee. Ha Long has built a plan to restore and embellish the monument for the entrance to the monument, the house of the management board of the monument, the switchboard service house, the shelter cave, the evacuation of the command team, the civil service house, the rest hut. foot… with capital from the state budget to carry out the site clearance work and will call for businesses to participate in investment.

Standing at this place, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful Ha Long city by the bay with unique designs: Clock Column, Ha Long sea border; Quang Ninh Provincial Library – Museum project cluster; Bai Chay tourist area…

According to history books, the mountain is called Doi Den, an important watchtower of the Northeast gate hundreds of years ago. At Doi Den Mountain, the lights were always on for boats to come ashore; When there is an enemy, this is the place to light a fire to report the capital.

In the spring of 1468, King Le Thanh Tong sent his army to patrol in the Northeast Sea with a boat stop at the foot of Doi Den mountain. Touched by the beauty of the green and blue water here, King Le Thanh Tong had a poem carved on the cliff.

In 1729, Lord Ando Vuong Trinh Cuong, a famous poet from the Le – Trinh dynasties, came here to read a poem by King Le Thanh Tong , and then re-drawn it with a seven-word seven-word poem, also engraved on the wall. stone. Since then, the mountain has been named Bai Tho mountain.фохоу

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